About Regal Raptor

Regal Raptor

About The Distributor

S-Lines Collections is the Sole Distributor for Regal Raptor motorcycles in Singapore. We have chosen Regal Raptor after searching and weighing factors such as design, cost, quality, efficiency and after-sales support.

The following pointers briefly describe the capabilities of Regal Raptor.

All Regal Raptor motorcycles have been designed by world renowned motorcycle designer Johnny Pag and the brand has been performing steadily in the motorcycle industry. Regal Raptor has found its forte in producing highly specialized, quality motorcycles by focusing on their Chopper, Cruiser, Sports and Custom motorcycles.

Regal Raptor has established itself with distributors worldwide including:



USA Canada Brazil Singapore
England Bulgaria Chile (S-Lines Collections is the Sole Distributor)
Canada Turkey Morocco Indonesia
France Poland Venezuela Bangladesh
Germany Finland Columbia Vietnam
Australia Czech Republic Uruguay Israel
Spain Slovakia Argentina Panama
Italy South Africa Venezuela Bermuda
Switzerland New Zealand Costa Rica Macedonia
Russia Denmark Mexico


Regal Raptor’s outstanding qualities include, not withstanding:

  • Designing, developing and patenting over 70% of their own parts
  • A complete in-house range of IS09000 certified test facilities to ensure that high standards of control and audit measures are in place.
  • In-house Chrome Plating Plants with the majority of chrome plated parts produced using 4 layers of nickel and 1 layer of chrome plating.
  • Employing top notch technologies for the chrome plating and painting of the motorcycles.
  • In-house aluminum casting facility to manufacture components such as crankcases and cylinder heads.
  • In-house Steel Processing and Pressing Plants to manufacture chassis, handle bars, rear carriers, fuel tanks, fenders and other deep pressed components and accessories.

Regal Raptor also has its own engine and motorcycle assembly lines to put together the finished product. Regal Raptor’s main range of 320cc (Water Cooled, Twin Cylinder, 4 Stroke, EFI) engine motorcycles comply with the strict standards of Euro 3 Homologation.

With its worldwide influence and rapport built up with various distributors, one can be assured of Regal Raptor’s Quality and Performance standards.